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Debain Keeps My Old Compaq Proliant Running Strong
Posted by gconn on Wed 23 Jan 2013 at 00:16
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I have had an amazing experience using Debian as my web server operating system. Over the last few years I have gained a lot of interest with Linux operating systems, mainly due to having an interest in maintaining web servers from home. In my opinion, Debian is the best operating system to use for web servers. It works so well, that I am able to use fairly old server systems to host many websites directly in my home office.

The main web server I have running is a Compaq Proliant ML350. This systems sports two 1Ghz Pentium III CPUs and 1.5Gb of memory. The server is also 14 years old and running strong. The longest uptime I have had on this server was exactly 100 days. I experienced a brief 30 second power outage and the count started over. Currently today the uptime is 49 days. Not bad for a machine that is 14 years old and hosting over 10 websites.


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Posted by mcortese (193.78.xx.xx) on Thu 24 Jan 2013 at 14:28
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Time to invest the money saved up for the last 14 years: buy a UPS! ;-)

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Posted by Anonymous (111.164.xx.xx) on Tue 5 Mar 2013 at 14:59
which version of Debian?

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Posted by gconn (192.92.xx.xx) on Tue 5 Mar 2013 at 18:20
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32 bit 6.0.5

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Posted by Anonymous (108.53.xx.xx) on Mon 3 Jun 2013 at 03:10
Not to be a dick here, but sure, it does the job well, but the money you're saving in not purchasing new hardware, you're spending in electricity.

I Myself used to share the same mentality as you, running Quad Pentium III Xeon Compaq servers with 72GB 15k RPM SCSI drives with Debian installed thinking "Man, I only paid $100 for the server and I can host 20 websites on it!"... Thennnnn I got the electric bill... I decided to spend the money to buy a core2duo based modern xeon which can do virtualization... giving me 8 cores and 32GB of usable RAM.... I set up multiple Debian boxes on there, and can host if I wanted to, over 100 sites and i'm using a fraction of the energy costs the old server used.

Truth is: Yes, you can still use old hardware, and Debian is a great OS for older systems just like it is for newer systems.... But it's not a good financial move.

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